McLouth Threshing Bee

The McLouth Threshing Bee is one of the longest running Threshing Bees in the Nation!

Starting back in the 1950's when a local man by the name of Slim Watson had the idea to invite people out to his home, serve them some food, and give a little demonstration on how his farm equipment worked. It was a really big hit and it has continued since that time and with the help of many the tradition is continued today.

The McLouth Threshing Bee helps to keep alive the art of planting, harvesting, threshing and storing of grain forage crops, along with the domestic arts, and the tools, implements, instruments and machinery showing the culture of pioneer days. The educational and historical exhibits and displays are illustrated through reenactments with the working machinery..

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Hosted on the McLouth Threshing Bee grounds.

So grab your lawn chair and come on out.

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